Welcome to SportPesa

We’ve come a long way in an incredibly short space of time. In 2014, we were a fledgling brand in Kenya, with just 10 employees. Today, we are a global gaming company with more than 500 employees, offices in six countries and plans for rapid expansion into new territories. 

How have we done this? Through hard work, commitment and great technology – all underpinned by a deep-seated love for sport of all types, but especially ‘the beautiful game’.

Our aim is to see SportPesa not only compete on a global level with the world’s best-known gaming companies, but at the same time to win the hearts and minds of customers, players, clubs and entire communities.

Our mantra at SportPesa is ‘Take every opportunity'. A positive, inspirational belief that with SportPesa you should take every opportunity, from coaching initiatives in Africa, donating club kit, scoring in a Merseyside derby or playing online, you 'make it count'.

In these pages, we set out our track record and ambitions, and give you a taste of what SportPesa is able to achieve for our stakeholders.

We look back on the last few years with tremendous pride - and forwards to the future with enormous enthusiasm and optimism.

As fans across the world might say... bring it on!

Ronald Karauri, CEO Kenya

- Ronald Karauri, CEO Kenya

Our growth has been rapid and sustained, enabled by a clear business strategy firmly committed to responsible gaming and best-in-class customer experience, delivered by a talented and dedicated team of professionals.

We now play a major role in the lives of customers, clubs and communities in all the countries in which we

These are the numbers that provide the springboard for our ambitions...

We want everybody to benefit from the positive attitudes that typify sport. That means working with partners, sports clubs and other organisations to help people and communities make the most of their talents and take real steps towards fulfilling their dreams.

For us, it is not enough to give our customers the opportunity to be winners – we want to do that in an environment that is safe and secure, and which promotes responsible gaming.

At the same time, we know that the continued success of our brand depends on one factor more than any other: our people. And so, we strive to give them the career opportunities, support and, benefit packages that truly reflect the skills and commitment, they bring to their jobs every single day.

As SportPesa grows and becomes even more successful, the opportunity for us to share that success with broader society will increase.

We invest a significant proportion of our profits in sustainable corporate social responsibility projects. While some of these are delivered in partnership with other organisations, many are planned and implemented by our team alone, helping those less fortunate to develop lasting skills that have the potential to improve their lives.